Sunday, March 20, 2005


And this is too much.

Several Imax theaters, including some in science museums, are refusing to show movies that mention [evolution] - or the Big Bang or the geology of the earth - fearing protests from people who object to films that contradict biblical descriptions of the origin of Earth and its creatures.

In science museums, we're banning the use of the word evolution. Science museums! Because it might offend the Fundies.

Well, I tell you what, if it offends them that much, let stay out of the science museums. I won't wander into their church and practice my secular humanism and they don't need to impose their fact-impaired creationism on my science museums.

This is so offensive I can hardly breathe. They've already destroyed science education in most of American high schools, they're looking to destroy it, via Horowitz, in the universities, and now they're coming for the museums?

As Glen at Brooklyn Bridge puts it,

The fact that science museums are succumbing is really unnerving. I doubt that fundamentalists make up a large part of, say, the Natural History Museum's regular visitors here in New York, or its equivalents anywhere. Should they (must they) biblically cleanse their other exhibits, too? Stay tuned.

If this goes on, secularists will be the ones home-schooling their children. Reality-based materials will have to be smuggled in from Canada and Europe.


Diane said...

That is almost too frightening to comment on, but I have to say I'm not surprised. The problem is not just that museums and IMAX theaters are scared of fundamentalists; it's that the rest of America won't protest what is going on.

Anonymous said...

And there's more... has anyone else noticed the sudden change in programs on PBS in the last few months? Content seems to be increasingly Christian focused from Frontline to Flashpoint!