Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Academic Bill of Rights Part II

More on what's wrong with the Orwellianly named Academic Bill of Rights can be found in the post over at Pharyngula.

This whole thing, Horowituz included, is whacked. As Pharyngula points out, and as I pointed out in the post below, anything positive the bill claims to give us, we already have -- students already have all the "rights" this bill says it will give them, as do all the faculty.

All this ABOR is doing is attempting to destroy the intellectual integrity of higher education the way the religious right has already pretty much destroyed the intellectual integrity of our high schools and lower schools -- where, mostly, where Jen Shroder's notion of history is the one that passes as the truth, where gay bashing is the norm, where evolution is rarely taught or even mentioned in the classroom.

The've won already in the high schools and lower schools. Now they're coming after the universities. They're calling it "academic freedom." If it was freedom, dudes, you wouldn't have to legislate people into doing it.

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