Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Update on Christians in the School

The school called me yesterday to tell me that, in fact, they had known about the harassing from Kate* previous, and they had spoken with both Kate and Kate’s mother about it. They say Kate’s mother had made it clear to Kate that there is “church talk” and “school talk” and that Kate wasn’t supposed to do any “church talking” at school anymore. They said they had talked to Kate about it again, and would talk to Kate’s mother about it again.

They say they’ve made it clear to the kid that telling the teachers about Kate harassing her about going to hell at school is not, in fact, tattling, and that she is, in fact, supposed to go to a teacher immediately if Kate starts up with it again. They say they’ve told all four of the kid’s teachers and the head of school about the situation.

The kid says Kate left her alone yesterday.

Aside from the part about how I'd have liked to been given a head's up about this happening all along, I like how the school is handling it, I have to say.

*Names have been changed, as usual

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