Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Flu plus spring break equals...

We're all still fighting that flu-thing here. (I say flu-thing b/c it's not the flu, apparently. My doc gave me the flu test and it came back not-flu. It's also not-strep. So she doesn't know what it is. But it's e-e-evil. So I blame Bush.)

Anyway, we're all sick, and it's Spring Break, the confluence of which has kept me from doing much posting. It was also my birthday. I got four Beatles CDs from Mr. Delagar & the kid & Uncle Charger (Mr. Delagar's buddy), along with Trivial Pursuit: The Book Lover's Edition, which is way cool. It's like watching Jeopardy when all the categories are literature.

The CDs are because I have only recently discovered the Beatles. This is because I grew up in a house with a record player or a radio of any kind. My father had a transistor radio which he kept in the bathroom, to listen to ball games on while he shaved, which I once accidently dropped in a sink filled with water (I never told anyone about this, and did you know if you put transistor radios on window sills they dry out good as new?), but that was it. I never heard music growing up, not until I started riding the bus to high school -- an hour each way and the bus driver played the radio, probably to keep us quiet. That's all the music I got, and I know almost nothing about music, which drives Mr. Delagar, who (among all the multiple other things he does) composes music insane.

Anyway, I like these Beatles. They're pretty cool, aren't they.

(I know, I know. I feel like someone who's discovering, I don't know, light bulbs or something. Hey, look at these! Shiny!)

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