Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on Horowitz

I've got that flu, which has kept me from posting, and now the drug my doc put me on, Tamiflu, has caused me to break out in huge palm-sized hives...anyway, I assume it's the drug. It might be that the flu is not the flu at all but some new hideous disease of which I am the first victim and soon I will begin bleeding from the eyes and shortly thereafter run howling from the house, like in 28 Days Later, which was of course my first assumption.

Meanwhile, though, Jesse over at Pandandon has some more on Horowitz, basically on how his "sources," and I use the term lightly, are likely all bogus, which I figured they were when I read through them, having heard a number of similiar complaints myself, from aggrieved students, and then discovered the true stories when I went round to talk to their professors and classmates.

Here's Jesse:

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