Monday, March 07, 2005

Supporting the Troops

Guy on NPR this morning, a soldier back from Iraq, was going on about it annoyed him to see folks driving around thinking they were supporting the troops by slapping a .99 cent yellow magnet from 7-11 on the back of their truck, and that's that.

Well, I'll just have him know, that here in NW Arkansas, some of OUR folks buy five or six of those magnets to stick on THEIR Hummers.

And some of them are red, white and BLUE!

And some have RAZORBACKS jumping through them!

So what more does the ungrateful twit want?

I mean, he doesn't expect us to actually change our lifestyle or anything, does he? To show that we value his sacrifice? Does he?

Surely he realizes that would be asking way too much?

Huh? Doesn't he?


Laura said...

I forgot you were in NW Arkansas. I used to live in Fayetteville. I'd love to see a Razorback jumping through one of those ribbons--gotta be hilarious.

My theory about the ribbons is that the Chinese government is actually making all the money off of them.

delagar said...

The Razorback ribbons are pretty ironic. I can't figure out what the folks who buy them think they're trying to say. "I support the troops in Iraq -- AND I support the Razorbacks!"? Do they really want to equate those two things? Well, obviously they do, cause they've stuck them on a magnet together, but can't they think about what that means for two seconds?

Then I realize these are people who stick a "Support Our Troops" magnet on an SUV, and, well, okay. So introspection isn't exactly their thing, is it?

When did you live in Fayetteville, gm?

Laura said...

I lived there from 1996-2001. I actually really liked it there.

Isn't the war like a great big football game to these people? I don't think most of them see the realities of it, especially the collateral damage the war causes. Injuries to soldiers? Part of the cause. Just like a football injury.