Friday, March 11, 2005

Trouble -- Right Here in The River Valley

(1) I'm having the worst luck getting anything to post. Some kind of gremlin in the blogging system.

(2) Our new provost is a Southern Baptist. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

(3) My husband has decided he wants to make an independent film. Did I mention I'm already on Xanax? Did I mention we just went through bankruptcy? He says it won't cost "that much" in these days of digital cameras and that he can save up what it will cost from what he's making teaching on line. I even believe him. Sort of. And I really like his idea for the film. But -- AARGH! AAAARGH! AAAAAARGH!

(4) Midterm grades were due two days ago at noon. Which is really funny. Maybe I'll get mine in tomorrow by midnight. It's a possibility. Records is getting all snarky about it, but what I say is, if you want me to get my midterm grades in on time, don'y schedule midterms at the same time you're scheduling advising and then assign me eighty-seven majors to advise, not to mention four classes to teach with four different preps. All righty?

All right then.

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dianna said...

I just thought you would get a laugh out of my mistake. I had assumed you were a guy! That is the second time I've made this mistake - the other time was with Finslippy - who told me that her rack put her in the female part of humanity. She is funny. Not that it really matters.

Did your husband make any purchases last year between October and December to further his goal? If so, he can deduct up to $5,000 (check that number)- it is a special deduction for this year. Schedule C deductions, as you probably know, also can help.

It sounds like you don't need the extra stress. Maybe he can give you a break right now? Hope so - *hugs*