Monday, February 21, 2005

They Don't Call him Hor-owitz for nothing...

Prof. B, among others, has already caught this one, but I'd like to chime in on the outrage over David Horowitz's shameless whoring to the legislators.

In a lecture given at the University of Colorado, David Horowitz claimed that "University professors are a privileged elite that work between six to nine hours a week, eight months a year for an annual salary of about $150,000...."

He also claimed that "Democrats [are] racists; presidential candidate John Kerry [is] stupid; and CU professor Ward Churchill [is] a "friend of genocidal Muslim slaveowners because he is an ideologue."

His point on the latter paragraph was that it's okay for him to insult people because he's not being paid by the state, the way professors are -- who are being paid by the state, see, and so they shouldn't insult people, they should educate students: his thesis being that professors, besides being massively overpaid for their six hour workweek also spend their classroom time insulting conservatives rather than educating students.

All of this, I assure you, is not because Mr. Horowitz does not know what is actually happening on campus. Pish tosh.

Mr. Horowitz knows quite well what the actual average salary of the actual average university professor is. He knows quite well that our average workweek is closer to sixty hours than to six. And he probably, I'm betting, knows how little time we actually have in the classroom to spend on insulting his ilk.

No, he's playing (whoring) to the legislatures here -- and to the Winger voters -- who might just, after all, be fools enough to buy his lies.

They're fools enough to buy Rush's lies, after all. And Coulter's lies. And Bush's lies.

I'm about to give up hope.

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