Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Idiots in VA

What is it with these Virginia legislators? First Cosgrove and his miscarriage bill, then our buddy with his low-rider pants and loud music, and now this:

Cars in Virginia could soon have license plates extolling traditional marriage. The House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday allowing the state to print the plates. The legislation now moves to the Senate where it must be approved before the scheduled adjournment on Feb. 26.

The House voted 62 - 35 to approve the bill. The special issue plates would have interlocking gold wedding bands superimposed over a red heart and have the phrase "Traditional Marriage."
The bill was authored by Delegate Scott Limgamfelter (R-Prince William) a supporter of an amendment to ban gay marriage, also expected to pass this year.

"These plates wills send a message to the people of Virginia that we're not ashamed of traditional marriage," Limgamfelter said of the license plates.

Because, you know, all the other states in the union, they are ashamed of traditional marriage. That's why they're all passing laws to criminalize it. You fuckweed.

Is it something in the Virginia water or what?


Ol Cranky said...

Apparently, traditional marriage isn't the only thing Virginia's not ashamed of, the people of that state aren't ashamed of divorce either:the divorce rate in VA is ranked #25 in the country.

Toad734 said...

That's retarded. With regards to Virginias divorce rate, there are other interesting facts I have found with regards to the "moral values" of these types of people. Not to offend any southerners but you will understand the point I am trying to make, sort of like the pot and the kettle.