Friday, February 25, 2005

All the Lies

And the crisis is -- guess what? -- saying fuck.

I used to get this shit at home, folks. I can't tell you how angry it makes me. They can trash our country's economy, destroy the ecosystem, invade other countries on false pretexts, killing little children while doing so, and rip the Bill of Rights into shreds -- and then get all prim because someone dares to cuss, hey now, watch your language, who do you think you are?

Here's a clue, folks.

Harming others? Doing evil things?

That's infinitely worse than saying fuck.

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zelda1 said...

I still get it at home. However, my signigicant other is a republican, and I knew this when I married him, and I thought I could change him, and now I'm stuck, Oh fuck!
Seriously, it offends me to think someone's choice of adjectives can offend a country of wingers, who, by the way, don't give a crap about the sick, elderly, or children, are hell bent on destroying the enviornment in favor of raping land and sea for fossil fuel, which when it is in use destroyies the enviornment above. I say fuck isn't a bad word unles of course it refers to being FUCKED by the wingers as they take and take and give nothing in return. Sorta like a marriage and that is another day.