Friday, February 04, 2005

Dealing with Dobson

My intrepid reporter in the field has found, via one of her fundie friends, I believe, a fine site that reports on Keith Olbermann's dealings with James Dobson's pack:

Olbermann and his station, in New Jersey, which had the termerity to report on the SpongeBob affair in what Focus on the Family felt was a biased manner (i.e. they didn't follow the Faux News partyline, but actually did some real reporting), has been attacked by FOF and the fundies since -- but apparently it hasn't been much of an attack.

Go read, but here's my favorite bit:

Schneeberger finishes his piece with the hope that I’ll experience the same kind of epiphany he claims to have in 1997. “Let’s pray, if he ever does, that he comes up with the right answer — and not because it may lead to fairer reporting. But because it may lead to a redeemed life.”

Hey, guys, worry about yourselves. You’re spewing hate, while assuming that for some reason, God has chosen you and you alone in all of history to understand the mysteries of existence, when mankind’s existence is filled with ample evidence that nobody yet has been smart enough to discern an answer.

You might try keeping it simpler: did you help others, or hurt them?

I’ll be happy to be judged on the answer to that question, and if it’s a group session, I don’t expect I’ll find many members of “Focus On Family” in the “done ok” line.

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zelda1 said...

You know what really pisses me off about that Focus on the Family crap? They spend so much energy on spewing homosexual hate, blamming them for the fall of the morality and the destruction of the family, yet they never touch the real root of what is wrong with the American family. Most families fail because of economics, the inability to live a life free of medical bills, pay their rent, and utilities, send their children to school dressed in warm clothes and on and on. They forget that the family is marred by abusive spouses, abusive fathers and mothers and the programs that should be there to help the families via counseling financial help ect. are no longer there thanks to those without-a-concern-conservatives who think only of the people who are the haves. However, they include the have nots in the statistics that support the decline of the family. Well, families decline and it isn't because same sex marriage is going to become a reality, or that same sex partners can adopt or foster children. None of that is destroying the family. Blame the demon who is responsible and it is poverty, lack of social reform policies, lack of education, lack of food, lack of self esteem, and on and on. When a diabetic can't buy her insulin, or someone with graves disease can't buy his thyroid medicine, or a child with kidney failure can't get a kidney, well it tends to destroy the family. And the morality that should be addressed is not if a man and a man are wanting to hold hands or teach school or what ever, but how can they drive those great big fancy cars and live in those great big fancy houses while families in our country or doing without the basic necessities of life. Shame on those hate-spewing rednecks.