Monday, February 28, 2005

Christians in the Schools

I’m sort of pissed off today.

All right, more than sort of.

If Far-Right Levitican Christians want to fuck their own kids up, that’s their business. But maybe we should then have some sort of rule or something – if you have traumatized your five year old to such an extent that she can’t stop obsessing about going to hell, you are then required to send your five year old to a Christian school, so she can terrorize other traumatized kids with her constant obsessing over hell, and not my kid? How would that be?

Because, you see, we went through a lot of trouble, as I recently chronicled, to move our little Jewish kid to the Montessori school – out of the local public school, where everyone, including some of the teachers, were Levitican Christians – and where the kid was getting tormented and proselytized non-stop by parents and classmates alike.

The Montessori school has Muslims and some other Asian religions and a few Jews and some Christians – most of the Christians, at least, are, I was disappointed to find out during the election, Republicans.

But they’re not fundamentalist Christians, for the most part, since fundie/Levitican Christians in Fort Smith send their kids to the local “hive school” – it used to be three Christian schools, one very Pentacostal, one medium Pentacostal, and one just regular Christian, but it has recently Borged up into one big giant school, All Pentacostal All the Time!

Anyway. There is one small Levitican-Christian child in my kid’s class. And she has been terrified, apparently, non-stop, by her parents and her pastor about hell. This kid is five years old. She knows more kinds of demons than I know poetic forms. She can cite you all the torments and engines of hell. She tells my kid, daily, what sorts of tortures she’s going to suffer if she doesn’t get right with Jesus soon.

My kid has tried telling her she’s a Jew and Jews don’t believe in Jesus.

She has tried telling her Jews don’t believe in hell.

She has tried telling her she didn’t want to discuss it further.

She has tried (these all are solutions we’ve been giving her) saying, “Thank you for your input. A handsome certificate suitable for framing will be arriving in four to six weeks.”

None of these are working.

Kid doesn’t want to tell the teachers. She says this will be tattling. Kid doesn’t want us to tell the teachers, because – get this – she likes this little girl. This little girl is her best friend, when the little girl isn’t harassing her about hell.

I’ve told her it’s not tattling and she should tell the teachers anyway. She says she will.

But I know my kid. She won’t. Even though all this hell talk is giving her nightmares.

So Jen Shroder, with her stupid lies about her son being told “it’s not fair to mention Jesus in school” can just go right to her own hell, okay?*

Because this is what Christians are actually doing in our schools, and it is not okay.

* Here’s Shroder’s stupid lie, as published in her stupid article:

My own son came home mimicking the schools reasoning one day. "Mom, its not right that we have Jesus in school because it offends other cultures. I said, "Honey, if we moved to Africa and they worshipped their African god, would we be offended?" No. Kind of a stupid question isn't it. So why are other cultures so offended when they come to what was once a mighty Christian nation and see the word Jesus Christ? Why are we forced to relinquish our own culture?

Emphasis mine, because my God that Schroder is ignorant, isn't she?

Schroder goes on to make it plain what she and other Christian/Leviticans want this country to be like. They don’t want tolerance. They don’t want a place for my child at the table. They want us all to be Christians, and besides that they want us to be their kind of Christian, damn it: no other kind is allowed!

A few days later a reporter really pinned me down about what I would want in a social studies textbook. IF I could have it my way, what would that be? What a poignant question. If I stayed faithful to what God said, "Take heed that you inquire not of other nations and how they serve their gods," and replied that I would want NO religion in textbooks, then the Bible would be gagged as well. I know that if the Bible is matched up to other beliefs, it stands up every time, so would I prefer that all religions be introduced so that the Bible could be allowed as well? Many who claim to be Christian were making that argument. That sounded good but that wasn't what God said. So I asked for counsel again. And again many gave me "politically correct" coaching. It made sense, but it made me grit my teeth. So I prayed.God was swift in His answer and I have relayed it many times. "God is not confined to what is politically correct." To the question of what should be in textbooks, I will always hold to what God said. If we turn our backs on God, He will turn His back on us. He has already told us in so many ways and in the Bible what we should and should not do. We shall have no other gods before Him. In all of history, God has never once negotiated that commandment. Not once did He tell the Israelites to teach their children about other gods so that other cultures could learn our ways. Not once. And not now. This deceptive ploy has been used to disparage Christianity and promote every other belief, including Satanism.

So it’s Christians only – God doesn’t want any Muslims, any Jews, any Wiccans, any Buddhists – just Jen’s sort of church is to be allowed to be taught in the schools, and if my daughter won’t believe in it, well, then her classmates can torment her until she does.

And to hell with any of this nonsense about tolerance! You think God was for tolerance? Well, he wasn't! God BURNS tolerant people in a LAKE OF FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY! That's what GOD DOES!

Or so my kid's classmate has been telling her.

And she seems to know.

(Schroder link via s.z. at World o’ Crap:


zelda1 said...

After reading that crazy woman's column, I have to say she is quite egocentric to think that God, in his busy schedule, makes sure she is at the right meeting at the right time and has the right contact. It's like watching the grammys and having the winners dressed in skimpy clothes, high on drugs, winning for a video that touts sexual explicitness and sometimes other things that are really gross like beating and raping women and on and on but back to the grammys, having the winner get up there and kiss their rings and say and I want to thank god without whose help this wouldn't be possible. Oh yeah! I'm sure the man is up there just to make sure your fuck song won the grammy so you'd have millions more to put up your nose ect. Well, that crazy woman is the same way. Egocentric and giving herself way too much connections with the almighty.
As far as your baby goes, go to the school and tell them if they don't put a stop to that brat terrorizing your baby, you will call in a couple of old hags who have powers beyond what they can imagine. I do know that getting cold causes the temp to drop and infection to occur and I do know if a child is getting harrassed at school it leaves scars that sometimes never heal. Put a stop to it now.

Mychelline said...

I'm not a mother, but I sympathize because I'm a non-Christian person living in central Indiana, where every other person I meet just naturally assumes I'm a fundie/evangelical Christian like themselves. I work in a (government!) office where one of my coworkers sings gospel songs audibly. No one else will protest because "she has a nice voice". Well, she does, but is it so much to ask to not have to listen to religiously-themed *singing* at work?!? Apparently it is. She is also inclined to introduce God, Jesus, and prayer into every conversation, no matter what it started out being about.

I really really sympathize.