Thursday, February 03, 2005

American Prospect

An interesting overview of the anti-Evolution crowd from the American Prospect, with links:

The real danger is not, of course, Winger Christians.

There aren’t that many of them: only about 20% of the country is Levitican. (It just seems like more from my bit of Arkansas because I’m surrounded by them and because they are just so annoying and so ignorant – I could tell you stories, ai, but never mind*.)

The real danger is the political influence such Leviticans now have: or appear to have. It may amount to the same thing.

If, due to these folk, American schools cease teaching real science – cease teaching the scientific method, cease teaching critical thinking – which, make no mistake about it, is in fact the true aim of the Levitican movement – well, what will we have in the way of a country, in a few generations?

A place that will not be able to listen to someone like Malkin, someone like Rush, someone like Coulter, or Bill O'Reilly, and tell that they are liars and idiots, among others things.

(Oh. Wait.)

God, help us now.

*Okay, I'll tell you one. A Levitican Christian I know, one of the ones who is opposed to welfare because all the immigrants who just come here for a free ride will get on it whereas she, who works so hard for what she has, never got a free ride in her life (No? What about your public schooling? Your university education? Those interstates you drive on? The public park you run in?) is working as a substitute teacher in the local high schools. Absolutely hates it. Guess why. Because of all the niggers and spics she has to deal with, not to mention the Vietnamese. When called on this sort of language, what does she reply? "Hey," she says, "I'm not P.C. You're just going to have to deal with it."

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zelda1 said...

It's a sad day when a person not only admits their ignorance but brags about it too. I would say that a person who spouts hate in any form doesn't need to be teaching children. Because I went to a segrated school until I was 14, the teachers didn't have any racial minority to pick on so they picked on the economically disadvantaged. I was one of those disadvantaged and still remember the way that I was treated by those ignorant teachers. It's really funny because they tried to hide my brain but it didn't work and eventually I did get put into the higher reading group and the higher math group. I was just never recognized or praised for it like the rich or middle class kids. I can never say that I know how a minority feels but I can say that I know what is like to be treated differently from the other students. It sucks and shame on that bitch who treats those children differently. She needs to be exposed.