Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Levitican Christians Taking Aim

There's an excellent post up over on American Street about the true aim of the Far Right Christians in regards to abortion and the rest of it -- and it's absolutely correct: the Leviticans, Bushco, Brooks, the Natalists, the rest of them, they do not intend to stop at abortion. They're aiming right at overturning our right to access reliable birth control as well.


It wasn't that long ago -- 1965, as this post notes -- that birth control was, in fact, not available.

It's still not available, if you're poor, if you're ignorant, if you're underage.

Plenty of people like it that way.

You want to ask yourself why.

What could anyone possibly gain by keeping birth control -- control of her own body -- out of the hands of a woman?

Asking that question gives you the answer, doesn't it?


Ol Cranky said...

Take a look at Romanian History between 1966 & 1984 under Ceacescu and note what happenned to the children women were forced to have that the families couldn't afford to keep.

Robot workforceCeaucescu Era

Toad734 said...

They probably won’t stop until women are back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.

Who are the Leviticans?

delagar said...

Levitican" is a word coined by a SF writer John Scalzi for that brand of "Christian" who doesn't actually follow Christ's teaching, prefering instead to follow a couple of the laws from Leviticus instead -- the select ones that allow him or her to continue hating those folk he or she already hates -- Christ's sort of Christianity being so inconveniently about loving your neighbor and forgiving your enemy and stuff like that.