Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fundies Defined

Here's a definition of The Religious Right, or what we've been calling the Leviticans:

A fundamentalist movement that largely rejects any modern method of Biblical interpretation; it focuses a lot on energy on End Times prophecy, which accounts in part for its ease in ignoring the Gospels, the actual ministry of Jesus; it is anti-intellectual and hostile to science; it either openly embraces or flirts heavily with American Exceptionalism, the idea that brought us Manifest Destiny and the radical idealism of the Neo-Cons; it has great confidence in its own moral judgments, particularly those relating to sexuality and reproduction; it rejects pluralism, moral relativism and is hostile to the moral claims of tolerance; there is often a sincerity that seems rooted in nostalgia, like so many previous movements of the right; finally, while it has ideological cleavages, there are many common cultural, political and financial linkages.

From The Faithful Progressive:

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