Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stupid and Evil

I saw this on Rachel Maddow last night, but Fred over at Slacktivist has put it into an excellent post.

Anyone with any moral compass knows, from the first time they watch a bug or a frog or a grasshopper being tortured by a fellow six-year-old (or whatever your formative experience was--- mine was watching the kid next door set fire to a caterpillar) that torture is wrong.

But here, we have it explained to us in detail why torture is wrong, why Bushco screwed up so badly: not only did they torture this man, this prisoner in our custody, but they tortured him knowing they would get bad results; they spent millions of our dollars to get those bad answers; and then they spent hundreds of hours pursuing those bad answers: hours that might have been used productively, pursuing, oh, I don't know, actual criminals?  Actual evil-doers?

Assuming those exist.

I guess they do now, that Bushco has tortured them into existence.


zelda1 said...

Yeah, torture is evil, gets no results, and waste lots of money and they tortured children. How could they torture children. I look at my number 1 grandson, who is ten and your girl who is ten and then realize that they tortured kids not much older. What monsters do this, oh, that'd be our government.

dorki said...

Bushco tortured for same reason the the Inquisition did - to get the answers that they wanted. They did not have the guts to do what they did without a fig leaf of "evidence" to show.