Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back from Tulsa

The kid and mr. delagar and I took an overnight to Tulsa, both to buy Passover supplies (which are not available in Fuck Smith) and to take the kid to the zoo, a trip we have been promising her since her last birthday (May 2008).  We told her it was for this birthday (May 2009) and she seems to have bought the story.  Sucker!*

We also went to the Philbrook, where we saw one of my favorite paintings, the Little Shepardess, and several Moran landscapes, as well as a photography exhibit (this last made mr. delagar very happy) and found a used bookstore and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and stayed in a motel: the first vacation-like event we've had in, I believe, two years -- since the last time we went to Tulsa.  "Oh, I'm so happy!" the kid said at one point.

Then! We returned to find Tonks finally hatched! Yay Tonks!  And what a great kid! Hop over there and have a look.  He's huge!  And sharp!  Check out that gaze!  Don't mess with that kid.  He's got your number.

So a fine few days, I have to say.

*Kidding, Kid!

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