Sunday, March 08, 2009

Going Galt

I've been reading Dr. Helen, Girl Misogynist, for over a year, so this Going Galt notion is an old one for me -- not to mention I teach undergraduates.  If you teach nineteen year old boys, you can't escaping hearing about Atlas Shrugged, John Galt, the way-coolness of Ayn Rand, yap yap yap, until you want to stick chopsticks in your own ears just to make it stop.

Also, I read that shit when I was thirteen myself, you know.  I too was a libertarian, briefly. But, you know, I grew out of it.

You live in a country, you're defended by its armed forces, you drive on its roads and cross its bridges, you're protected by its firefighters and police force, you benefit from its social services network (and yes, you do -- even if you don't have kids yourself, even if you yourself have been lucky enough not to need medicare or food stamps, you benefit because other people's children get educated in the public school system, other people get fed and cared for, and therefore aren't roaming the streets in savage hoards attacking your big shiny SUV, you benefit because you don't have to pay a private security force to guard your armed compound, tool): you use the beaches and the national parks, you live in a neighborhood where clean safe water is piped to your house which was built to spec and you shop in markets where the food is (almost always) safe.

All of these things have costs.  They are paid for by tax dollars.  Who do you think will pay for them?  Santa?  Mr. Jesus?  Crap.  You people are supposed to be adults.  You live here.  Pony the fuck up.

Also, what Matt says here.

Please, Dr. Helen and Mr. Dr. Helen -- would you both Go Galt?  Please?  B/c you know what?  Lots and lots and lots of young academics out there need work.  Honest.


Bardiac said...

Amazing how the "go Galt" folks always think they're the MOST creative, hard-working, productive beings ever, and that they always will be.

They never imagine that they'll die at 40 and leave their kid to... starve, or be supported by Social Security?

They imagine that they'll just drive around in big hummers or something (so they don't need paved roads), but never seem to think about how the parts of their hummer will get to them when something breaks down, or how their food gets to them, or their clothes, or their computer. And who's going to mine the metal to make their ammunition, or to make their guns?


Bardiac said...

The other question: how the heck do you read her drivel?

I tried for about 35 seconds just now...

delagar said...

Oh, I like to go over to the Dark Side every week or so, just to see what's happening...I have a whole file of links I call "Lunatic Right Wing Blogs" saved, and I just go down the list, drinking Rum and Coke the whole time. By the time I get to Dr. Helen I am giggling wildly and yelling at mr. delagar, No, SERIOUSLY, you have got to come read THIS one! Come HERE!

Bardiac said...

You're a braver woman than I!