Friday, March 06, 2009

This Just In

Andrew Malcolm: Tool

Snarkily, he demands to know how the poor dare to use cell-phones.  They're poor!  Let know...use payphones.

Most of the comments point out that cellphones are cheap, idiot, and homeless guys need them if they're ever going to get unhomeless (how can you look for a job without a phone, tool?), but a few chime in to rattle their rich Rethug sabers: no one who owns a cellphone is poor!  America: the only country in the world where the poor people are fat!  Har-har-har!

I'd like every one of those commenters to spend five years in the Arkansas hills in the bad half of a duplex on minimum wage and no fucking health insurance.  Driving a ten year old Dodge Ram pickup with busted windshield wipers.  See how their tune has changed at the end of that little experiment. Har-har-har.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't that surprising how ignorant people are in the US. They've been dumbing down the school system for decades, on purpose. I worked in publishing production on a grade school series, and the geniuses at the publishing house decided that "porridge" was too hard a word for kids. We thought they had to be joking. They weren't. This was nearly 20 years ago. I can imagine what the books look like now.

I have a coworker who recently came to me with questions about arranging travel for a contractor, and it was obvious that he thinks China and England and India are city names in that other country that is "not America." Really? Sadly, yes. And he's a college graduate, in his 30s. He recently got a promotion.