Friday, March 20, 2009

Did Someone Say Faux News?

Fox News brings us a very important piece of crap from Texas:

A Republican Representative from Texas, who (oh shock me!) does not "believe" in evolution wants to give his Texas Institutions the power to grant Masters in Creationist Science.

Uh-huh. And exactly what would you study for this here degree, sir?

Prayer and Fasting 101?

Power of Jesus 115?

How Satan Hid Fossils in Slate: Advanced Students Only 3103?

Merciful Zen.


tonkelu said...

Forgive me for being dense (being a non-academic) but can't you already earn Masters and PhD's in pretty much whatever religion you choose? And isn't "Creationist Science" an oxymoron?

zelda1 said...

Tonkelu: Not really. You can, say at many religious based schools, get a degree in theology but in that degree, for those honorable ones, you take a broad array of other disciplines, like science, philosophy other than that of the big J, and English where you do research about topics other than those related to the big J. So for a state institution to offer a degree in creationist science, well, there's that speration of state and church and the whole thing that, like you said, oxymoron, and that many people will get an MA or Ph.D in say this creationists science and end up teaching at say one of the many public schools there around Texas and already we have a problem because if the degree is as bogus as it sounds, what kind of education do these kids get.