Monday, March 09, 2009

The Second Amendment? My Neck!

Here's why we love the South: Only Certain People have right here. And that's how We Like It.

Over there in Tulsa the instructor of a gun-safety class, funded by the state, asked, before the class started, if anyone had voted for that Anti-Christ, Obama.

When ex-Marine Daniel Reddy raised his hand and said he had, instructor Kell Wolf told him he could take his son and get out.

No evil liberals were allowed in this class.

Reluctantly, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Education has told Mr. Wolf his services will no longer be required, and apologized to Mr. Reddy and his son. Gee, they say, Mr. Wolf never acted like this before.

But, you know, probably he never had to deal with uppity liberals and black guys trying to run the country before, either.


dorki said...

Good to see some people have the gonads to call out bigotry. Even more astounding that it actually had some effect.

By the way, there are some number of southern, gun-totin', members of the ACLU!

delagar said...

Lots of us, probably, Dorki!

HerbM said...

The ACLU is entirely hypocritical on the Right To Keep and Bear Arms.

However, every responsible, law-abiding American has that right no matter what their political affiliation, race, creed, religion, or even if they are (lawfully) obnoxious.

It's a right of all Americans.

delagar said...

Herb, here is the official ACLU position on the 2nd Amendment:

"The ACLU embraces the States' Right Model interpretation of the Second Amendment, which only recognizes a state's right to possess firearms, the organization officially declares itself "neutral" on the issue of gun control, pointing to previous Supreme Court decisions such as United States v. Miller to argue that the Second Amendment applies to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia, and that "except for lawful police and military purposes, the possession of firearms by individuals is not constitutionally protected."

You can disagree with that, and I assume you do, but I don't see how that interpretation makes members of the ACLU "hypocrites." As an English professor and a student of grammar, I absolutely see how the amendment can be read as they are reading it. Apparently, the highest court in our land has agreed with them: so.