Sunday, March 22, 2009

Christian Men Explain Patriarchy

Ross Douthat thinks we can all calm down, now that the Vatican has issued a "Christian" clarification on that whole stepdaddy rapes the 9-year-old and her mama had the nerve to get her an abortion deal.

See, the trouble, the Church explains to us (and Ross finds this enlightened of them) is not that men rape little girls (though the Church agrees that's wicked): the trouble is that women then disobey the rules laid down by the Church and keep their 66-pound 9 year old daughters alive by doing what their doctors advise, and having the fetuses caused by that rape aborted.

The other problem is that the Archbishop stupidly announced the excommunication of the mother and the doctors, which there was no actual need to do -- the woman and the doctors were automatically excommunicate anyway.  (Via a technical point, the 9 year old is not.  Yay her!  She gets to stay a part of this charming system!)   So the tool who excommunicated the woman and doctors should have just shut up, the Church explains, and everyone would have been perfectly happy, except mom and the doctors, who deserve to roast in hell anyway.

And stepdaddy could have kept raping little girl, I guess.  Or I suppose we're supposed to think the Church would have made him stop?

Anyway, Ross Douthat believes this is a splendid Christian response.  So does this guy.

What color is the air on their planet, do you suppose?


intothethickofit said...

This just makes me want to scream.

Anonymous said...

And why are we surprised? --L

dorki said...

As to these people's interpretation of the scriptures, I think their dogma ate their homework.