Monday, May 22, 2006


So what is it with doctors who won't give pain medication?

I had my last wisdom tooth out today. Now I love my dentist. I do. I finally found one (recommended by the Other Liberal Professor) who plays NPR rather than Christian Rock in his waiting room and who is smart and careful and who doesn't treat me like an idiot and on top of that he just graduated his youngest child with a master's in geology, so that's fun to talk about --


He yanks out my wisdom tooth. So Ow, can I say.

It's got a root on it THIS long.


And he says, "You won't need pain medication."

I say, "Uh."

"Tylenol will get you through," he says.

I say, "Well, are you sure? Because I really don't handle pain well."

He says, "Just double Tylenol with Motrin. You'll be fine."

So now I'm home and the Novacaine is wearing off and can I just say OW again?

Doctors. Eesh.

(But this, OTOH, cheered me up to no end:

Via the White Bear:

(And go read this post over at Bear's place, btw: it's fucking brilliant:


zelda1 said...

I can't believe he didn't give you pain meds. What a creep. I go to court tomorrow and if I am not exhausted from the court and all of that, I'll give you a call or something. Email me.

delagar said...

I'm okay now. He was right, it wasn't so bad. Last night it hurt a lot, but today it's just sort of achy.

delagar said...

Good luck in court, btw!

Diane said...

Except for the very deep ones, I have cavities filled without novacaine. I told this to a friend and he say, "oh god, I have to have heroin in the parking lot!"

delagar said...

Heh. That's what I want. Where can I find that dentist? I had a dentist in Idaho who tanked me up on laughing gas before he ever did anything to me (she remembers wistfully) and gave me scrips for pain meds after nearly everything. That was a good dentist....