Saturday, May 13, 2006

Light Blogging Ahead

I've got massive grading to do -- grades are due this week, and all my classes have turned in their final papers and taken their final exams, so now I have to read and grade them, and then calculate final grades (eek! math!) and then enter all that into the school's data bank, which is likely the most painful part.

Also, today, this morning, when I have no time at all, I have to invest six hours in a graduation ceremony. I'm ambivalent about this. Can't spare the time. But I do like to see students graduate. But I hate the dull speeches. But it's always good to see students finish. That sort of thing.

And? The kid's birthday party. She's eight. Hard to believe. Didn't we just get her?

Also? Brilliant news -- I called the clerk of court and explained my childcare problem? And I have been excused from jury duty. Not only that, but the clerk was actually very nice about it. So hey! All that fretting? For nothing!


zelda1 said...

Ahhh, graduation, the irk of the irk. So who spoke? Anyway, just think, next week, you can hang out and get stuff done and maybe get a little sleeping in, and I know a great little lake with cliffs with caves and a park and it's all shallow and we can take the kids. Wanna have a picknic?
I bet Mr. Delagar's friends and maybe Mouse and DRagon Fly and The Other Liberal Professor and even a few of my friends from here can all meet and hang out and float and swim and eat. Whatcha think?

Mouse said...

me me me I'm game but I believe you already know that.

The Other Liberal Professor said...

Hooray!!!! Sounds fabulous!!!

I'm in MS from Thurs - Mon, but then I'm available and excited to play!