Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh, well...

Driving to Harp's last night...

mr. delagar: "You know what Tuesday was, don't you?"

me: "Um..."

mr. delagar: (giving a hint): "23rd of May?"

me: (clueless): "Some revolution somewhere?"

mr. delagar: "Our wedding anniversary?"

me: "Oh. Heh. Did we miss it again?"

It's his job to keep track of that pesky thing, see. And give me plenty of warning...

We've been married 13 years now. Happy us!


zelda1 said...

Happy anniversary. I forget mine too. Mr. Zelda is the keeper of the dates and always takes offense that I don't remember our blessed day. Hopefully, I won't forget. He does the rose thing, and I just want to be left alone to write.
Anyway, Happy day again. Did you get a new book?

Mouse said...

Happy anniversary. I would forget too. I forget my birthday. Actually, I never know what the day muchless the date it is at present time.