Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's Them Mexicans!

I've been trying to stay away from Townhall, since, really, what's the point? Like shooting fish in a bucket.

And Sowell, who passes for an intellectual among the Wingers (just as Coulter does -- they love to talk about how "brilliant" Coulter is, and how "funny," as if that woman ever said anything either witty or intelligent) -- he's the worst of the lot, because he thinks he's clever. At least Dr. Mike knows he's a berk.

Here's Sowell, pontificating on the immigration reform issue:

Why are people who are so gung ho for punishing employers so utterly silent about needing to punish government officials who openly and deliberately violate federal laws?
Employers, after all, are not in the business of law enforcement.

If some guy who runs a hardware store or a dry cleaning business hires someone who shows some forged documents, why should the employer be fined for not being able to tell the difference, when government officials who can tell the difference are not doing anything -- or are even actively obstructing federal laws?


As if those who hire illegal immigrants do so innocently.

As if those who hire illegal immigrants are not hiring them because they can hire illegal immigrants more cheaply than they can hire legal labor.

As if that is not precisely why they hire illegal immigrants -- to undercut legal labor, to save on labor costs, to destroy the American labor force.

Who does Sowell think he's fooling?

And yes, these employers should be fined, prosecuted, dealt with. You want to know how to solve the immigration problem? That's how. Make it no longer profitable to use illegal labor. Make the costs prohibitive.

Think that's going to happen? Neither do I. Not when Halliburton can get rich building a stupid fucking wall on the Mexican border instead.

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zelda1 said...

It never ceases to amaze me how our country can say on one side of their mouth no more migrant workers; yet, at the same time on the other side, they allow such poor working conditions and low wages to those who are already here and most that are legal. I did community nursing a long time ago and one of the things I did was find migrant workers in the fields of California and immunize their children. It broke my heart to see women and children, children as young as 2 and 3 coming from the fields, dragging, faces dirty, and such a look of defeat. All that secrecy makes it possible for the big corporations like Tyson and Libby and the likes to work the hell out of our neighbors and pay them squat and give them way below living standard housing. It would make you cry if you really could see how they, the migrant workers, live. Or at least most of them.