Monday, May 08, 2006

Reading Lists


The kid is reading, these days,

(1) Pippi Longstocking books -- all of them, and she keeps asking for annotations on these, too, and they are even more interesting to annotate than Monty Python was. "What is snuff?" "What are cannibal children?" "Why does Pippi sleep backwards in her bed?"

(2) All of the Dick King-Smith books, one right after the next, and he has written a bazillion books, may I point out.

(3) All the Curious George books, one right after the next. I don't know what's up with this. But at least I don't have to explain them.

(4) Howl's Moving Castle, the novel.

I've been reading The Grapes of Wrath, which I hadn't read since high school. It was lots better than I remembered it. I may use it in my second semester freshman comp next year, despite its garguntuan length -- it's an easy read, the students should like that, and there are many, many easy papers in it: animal imagry and christ imagry, things students could write tidy little papers over, they would like that. And it's heavily socialist, you know, so I would like that.

But I finished it last night, and I finished Howard's End last Friday and now I am out of books again. My, this is dire.

What else can I read? Who has suggestions? I read Howl's Moving Castle in about two hours, so I'm through that one...


Bardiac said...

Hmmm, anything by Jeanette Winterson! Oranges are Not the Only Fruit! etc etc.

Reading Lolita in Tehran (I'm reading this now, and it's very interesting)

Miroslav Pavic, The Dictionary of the Khazars.

Frankenstein, and then the hypertext Patchwork Girl (Shelley Jackson).

How's that for a fun start?

delagar said...

Thanks! I've only read one of those (Lolita in Tehran) -- I'm heading for the library after work!

dragonfly said... this isn't literary but it is hilariously political..."New Rules" by Bill Maher. It is better than the last one I gave you that you DIDN'T read. But you just must read this guy...he is funnnnnny. And it only took me a couple hours to go through it because I had to stop and read most of it to someone else. Read it dammit. Only for shits and giggles.

Trina said...

Thanks for reminding me, I have to find the Pippi books for Thing One. I used to have them all, loved them when I was a kid, then went through my stupid-teenager phase and sold them at a rummage sale. Both my kids would love Pippi.