Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now For Good News....

I've been reading a fine book lately -- thought I'd pass it on: Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading, by Maureen Corrigan, who does the book reviews for NPR. It's half memoir and half about books, and exactly the antidote to that stupid column and the stupid Betsy Hart worldview that I needed. I picked it up just about a half hour after I read Hart's column, as a matter of fact. Somewhere in Corrigon's book (Corrigon's a kind of an Irish Catholic) she makes a half-earnest claim that we are sent the books we need when we need them. Hah.

I also went out on a date with mr. delagar last night -- we saw Spike Lee's new film, Inside Man. This was also surprisingly good, not so much for the plot, which is very holey -- shut off your logic, folks -- as for the margins. I do love margins. It has brilliant margins. Lovely bits of dialogue. Excellent local color. And can that Spike Lee direct? He's -- well, shit, he's an artist, isn't he? It's just a beautiful film.

Sound track, too. What a sound track. I could hardly bear to leave the theater, the sound track was so cool. And I ain't even into music, not the way mr. delagar is.

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lurker said...

music always makes the movie! of course, i'm a musician.