Monday, May 08, 2006

Good news, bad news

(1) Driving home from the library yesterday, I saw a guy -- a nice looking guy, sort of scruffy and idle and young -- with a bumper sticker on the back of his car: DELETE BUSH. Yay, says I.

(2) My computer is making this strange noise, whee-wub-whee-wub-whee-wub, over and over, which mr. delagar says, via his extensive years of experience in the tech support field, means the hard drive is failing. Eeek.

(3) We got the results from the kid's standardized test at our p/t conference last Friday. She blew the charts. Reading on the 10 grade 9 month level, but possibly, say the teachers, higher, because that's as high as the test actually can test. (There are 106 questions and she got all 106 right.) Math is her lowest score, and that was 90%.

(4) On the other hand, she has stopped doing any of her work at school, very nearly. They don't know why, and neither does she -- when we ask her why, she says she "feels strange," or "can't think about it." Aargh.

(5) Our school has lowered its summer caps, so my summer school classes *might* make. So I might make rent this summer. Yay!

(6) I still have jury duty, and no child care for the kid during the weeks of jury duty.

(7) Not just one but two sets of my friends have volunteered to drive the kid to my parents, to solve my jury duty situation. Do I not have the best friends on the planet? I'm telling you.


Trina said...

Sympathy, empathy 'n' everything. I've been without my regular computer for going on three weeks now, while the numbnuts at our local Dell dealer try to figure out just what exactly is wrong with the hard drive, if anything, and what to do about it.

Also the kid thing. Thing One is way above her grade level on the standardized tests (though our district's don't run as high as your district's, apparently, because they topped her out at around sixth grade reading level when she was in first grade). But she's -- I don't want to say lazy about her work, but she doesn't seem to see the point in doing it and/or turning it in on time. I told her this morning that deadlines are mainly about getting a person ready for the world of real jobs; maybe that will have an impact on her if nothing else does. She'd sooner spend her time reading, writing books, making up plays for her imaginary friends, making paper toys for the big erasers she has at school -- basically anything but what she should get done first. She's just finishing up second grade now; I'm hoping she'll be more focused next year.

zelda1 said...

She is ready for harder more challenging work. I know this, how, don't know, but I know that when I was not wanting to do my work, my teacher second grade teacher, a brilliant woman, decided it was time for June and me, June was another really good reader, to start doing big projects. So we did, and I turned my projects in on time, even worked on them in class like I was supposed to. She really got me involved in science and gave me the job of reading the encyclopedia to the class. So, anytime there was something that needed to come from the encyclopedia, I read it. That was an every day thing. I was the hot shot reader.