Sunday, September 17, 2023

What I'm Watching

I watched the free episode of the new Justified series, and liked it well enough. If I ever decide to start buying TV, I'll probably watch more.

Meanwhile, for free on Amazon Prime, I watched the entire series Deadloch, and loved it to pieces. Set in a small town in Tasmania, it follows the work of a tiny police force -- two women, a gay guy, and a forensics specialist -- as they try to figure out who is killing the men in town. A homicide detective from Darwin, Australia comes in to help the locals out.

Deadloch has been gentrified by wealthy Lesbians. The white cis straight people who used to run the town are resentful of these interlopers, as are the indigenous people, who have seen rents and prices rise without seeing much if any help for them in their lives (though the white cis people who formerly exploited them were not any better). A lot of rich characterization, (I think?) indigenous actors, with most of the focus on the women of the town. The creators are two women who I think are famous in Australia, though I haven't heard of them: Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. 

Anyway, I highly recommend this one. There's a lot of murder, and we see a lot of bodies, but the violence is mostly off-stage.


Releeh said...

Deadloch is top of my list to watch. The Kates have had some shows on our national broadcaster the ABC so are approximately nationally known by people who watch that. They actually started off on youtube with "The Katering Show".

delagar said...

Oh, interesting! I'll definitely have a look at the YouTube channel.