Thursday, September 28, 2023

Utter Exhaustion

I don't know if I'm exhausted because I'm still recovering from COVID, or because my schedule really is that insane. 

Here's what I did today:

7:00 a.m. Got up, dressed, fed dog, gave him his insulin, fed cats

7:15 a.m. Left for school

7:30 a.m. Arrived in office

7:30-9:30: Office hours. Did prep, mostly. Drank coffee, graded

9:30-11:00: Taught Comp I

11-12:15: Taught another section of Comp I

12:15-2:00: Office hours. Graded, did prep

2:00 - 3:15: Taught editing

3:15- 4:00: Whined

4:00-6:00: DEI Workshop

6:00-6:30: Went to library

6:30- now: Had dinner. Whined more.

I'm so tired I can barely focus. It's 20 more days to Fall Break. I *might* make it.


Bev said...

There's really nothing in the universe more exhausting than teaching multiple sections of composition. Nothing.

Kudos for reserving time your schedule for whining!

nicoleandmaggie said...

You mean before Covid a day like that wouldn't have exhausted you? What's wrong with me then? 3 hours of teaching is enough to exhaust me. Then add on a meeting and people stopping by my office to chat and office hours and I get home and collapse on the couch watching College Humor videos and fall asleep at 8:30.

delagar said...

It is SO exhausting! I used to only have one day a week like this, whatever day I taught fiction workshop on; but this semester I'm taking the DEI workshop, so it's two days. I couldn't even watch TV last night! I just lay on the couch listening to an audio book and falling asleep every ten or fifteen minutes.

Foscavista said...

I like how you pencil in time for whining.

delagar said...

I mean, it's important to have me-time!

Bardiac said...

The teaching and then the workshop on top of it! Of course you're exhausted! Why even try to watch tv? Just eat and go to bed and sleep!

Good luck with this schedule!

delagar said...

^ What I should have done!