Wednesday, September 20, 2023


We finally have rain here -- it started last night and continues into this morning. I do love rain.

Also, the weather will change on the other side of this storm, at least here in Arkansas. No more days in the 90s. Highs in the low 80s and 70s for the next ten days. Not exactly cold weather, but better than summer.

I am catching up on all the work that did not get done while I was languishing with COVID. Plus next semester I am teaching script writing for the first time, so I have to learn how to do that. Does anyone know a good program for formatting scripts / screenplays that I can make my students buy?

In worse news, I have just noticed that my public library is weeding out books that, apparently, not enough people check out each year. For instance, they have gotten rid of all their books by Cecelia Holland; everything by David Lodge except the TV shows he wrote; everything by Eleanor Arnason; all the Marian Cockrell; and probably others that I have not noticed.

They still have everything Stephen King ever wrote, though, and shelves and shelves of Harry Potter -- 93 books in their holdings written by Rowling alone.

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