Tuesday, September 12, 2023

C'est un deluge

Heavy rain this morning, and I am back at school. The consensus of our university, if not the CDC, is that if I were testing negative, and if I was symptom free, and if I wear a mask around students, I am safe to resume teaching, even if Dr. Skull is still experiencing symptoms.

I did email my students and warn them, telling those who were immunocompromised or who lived with immunocompromised family members, that they could skip class this week, and work remotely. So far I have had one taker, one whose family members (grandparents and one parent) have health issues.

I'm feeling okay today, no exhaustion, and I dashed through the rain and up the stairs to my building without being even a little winded.

Here's hoping I don't kick off a second wave on campus.

I was glad to see that the next round of vaccines will soon be available.

Hard at Work


Anonymous said...

What I appreciate about your approach is that you were transparent about what was going on and that you gave people a path to opt for remote. I have an elementary-age child, and I would feel a lot better about sending said child to school every day if I knew that teachers were masking and communicating what was going on. (Too much to ask for a remote option in public school, but I wish they would do that, too.)

delagar said...

Agreed. Here in this red state, of course common sense tactics like masking have been co-opted by conservatives, with our deplorable governor striving to pass a law to make masking requirements illegal, in the name of "personal responsibility." It's your personal responsibility to protect yourself against COVID, just like it's your personal responsibility to protect yourself against drunk drivers.

How? Well, that's your problem, apparently.

Foscavista said...

"Here's hoping I don't kick off a second wave on campus."

Well, if you do, we now know who's patient zero. Easy peasy.

delagar said...

I mean, true!