Sunday, March 08, 2020


Dr. Skull and I went to see Emma* this afternoon.

The parking lot at the theater was nearly empty, and almost no one was in the lobby. One of my students works the concession stand. I asked if the light crowd (not really a crowd -- about six people) was because of the corona virus, and they said that's what they thought.

When the movie started, only a few people were in the theater with us, and everyone sat well apart from everyone else.

Life in the time of panic, I guess.

*It was lovely, by the way. An excellent take on the novel -- it captured the comedy the way very few versions have.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Is it as faithful to the humor as Clueless? I swear I didn't really *get* Emma until that version.

delagar said...

I love Clueless -- it's one of my favorite Emmas.

This one is a different sort of humor, though also very funny. I don't think either is exactly the humor in Austen's book, which is both snide and kind (I know! How does she do both?), but I like how funny this version is.