Monday, March 02, 2020


Here in Arkansas, everyone is going prepper about this thing.

"Buy toilet paper!"

"I'm stocking up on pasta and rice and beans."

"See if your pharmacy will give you a 90 day supply of your meds."

"Don't forget pet food!"

It's worse than when it snows.

Here are some facts, as opposed to silly screeching.

See also this.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Well... we've been told that there's a small chance of a 1-2 week quarantine sometime in the second half of the semester and that it's good, as always, to have enough food on hand to last about that long. (Although we should assume that water and electricity will probably continue working and if they go out it won't be for more than 3 days.) I wouldn't say it's worse than when it snows, but that it is the *same* as when it snows. In fact, our university's emergency protocols are identical for pandemics and for snow days.

As a midwesterner, I think that's the appropriate response. Southerners are a lot more scared of snow though!

We stocked up a bit this weekend since our pantry stores were getting low. And we ordered an extra bottle of each of DC2's dye-free medicines (Tylenol, dimetapp) since those are impossible to get locally.

delagar said...

People here are *excited* about the notion of a quarantine.

Plenty of them are evangelicals, who love the idea of doom being sent by God; but not all of them by any means.