Saturday, March 14, 2020

Contagion: Review

So I heard the movie Contagion, about a pandemic, was hot on Amazon streaming right now.

I'll bite, I said, and went to watch it.

It's actually a pretty good movie to watch in this present crisis. The virus in that is much more lethal than Covid-19, but the science in the movie is pretty good. When the virus breaks, we get to see how the CDC responds, and how various governments do. There's some explanation of how viruses work, and how they spread, which is nice.

Then as the pandemic spreads, we see the social breakdown; we also see how scientists and medical personnel work to find a vaccine. There's more panic and less of what we might really see in a crisis like this.

In general, what actually happens in a crisis is people working together, not attacking one another -- though of course you do see some of that. Think of Katrina, and how many people went out in boats to rescue those who were stranded, and how many people showed up to volunteer. And then we had Fox News, spreading lies about looters and "those" people murdering one another.

There's a Fox-News sort of blogger in Contagion, spreading lies as fast as he can for his own profit, getting people killed with his hateful ignorance. If you saw the documentary Pandemic on Netflix (which I also recommend), the Anti-Vaxx Purist Mummy in that serves a similar purpose -- this is what we're up against, these are the people destroying our society.

Contagion is available on Amazon and also YouTube. Pandemic is available on Netflix.

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