Thursday, March 12, 2020

Covid-19 and the Conservative Response

So did y'all watch Trump's speech last night?

I liked David Litt's response: "As a former Presidential speechwriter, my careful rhetorical analysis is that he's going to get us all killed."

The racism and xenophobia was also nice, but my favorite part was when he promised a $50 billion dollar federal spending plan -- but not for low-wage workers. For businesses!

Then we're just going to trust the businesses to pass that money on to their workers.

Gimme a minute to laugh about that.

This is a plan to put more money in the pockets of the .01%, which, after all, is why Trump is in office -- to loot the country.

Other responses I'm seeing from the Right match Trump's response almost exactly: xenophobic and racist ranting, mixed with one of two approaches. Either the virus is going to KILL US ALL!1! and it's the liberals fault (see Rod Dreher's pant's-wetting screeching for an example of this); or the virus is NO BIG DEAL, and the liberals are lying about it to attack Trump (see Fox news for an example of this).

Meanwhile, the grift goes on.

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