Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend With Flu

I've just had another weekend with the flu -- it was supposed to be gone, but it came back. I spent Saturday in bed with a racking high fever, trying, every few hours when I surfaced from the fever dreams (which were extreme, let me tell you), to get mr. delagar to feel sorry for me.

Which he wouldn't.

"Help," I would gasp, when I finally got him to come near me. "Help. I'm so sick."

"What do you want me to do?" he would say. "I'm trying to deal with the kid."

"Wheeze," I'd say. "Hack."

He'd wander away and not come back for two hours.

It was charming.

I think he reckons he dealt with me sick once already this year and that was his quota and so he's done.

Anyway, I was a little better yesterday and today I have foolishly come to work where I am wandering ghosty through the halls, not actually able to teach but coughing in a very impressive fashion (too bad I am not teaching Vic Lit this semester, I would be perfect at the sound effects) all through my classes. I'd go home, but there's a meeting I have to make this afternoon.


zelda1 said...

It's time for you to go to the doctor and get really strong antibiotics. Really, because even if your flu is viral, it sounds like it is causing a bronchitis that could be bacterial and it will respond to the antibiotics. I was talking to a microbiology grad student in the halls of the business building the other day, and she was telling me that there are so many flu viruses and bacterias out there that once a person gets one, they usually get two or three to follow, and that's why, she says, she never touches anything that isn't in her lab. She knows people wash their hands in there. What brought the discussion up was we were both in the Jane, and I washed my hands and used the paper towel to turn off the faucet and another paper towel to open the door and she admired my technique, I thanked her and explained my many years as head nurse of labor and delivery and that I was a germ phobe, can't help it I told her. I see them everywhere, on the building's doorhandles, on the elevator button, everywhere, I don't touch nothing without a gloved hand or with a special touching device dedicated only to the elevator, and I use the sleeve of my jacket a lot. Spring and summer, not so bad, the germs are starting to die. I can touch a door handle that has been disinfected by the sun, those rays kill most germs. Okay, so, get antibiotics and don't touch nothing in that building, and who is washing your coffee cup?

delagar said...

Heh. No one is washing my coffee cup now that you have abandoned me to be a graduate student.

I'm seeing the doc in half an hour. Wheeze, hack.

zelda1 said...

Those dammed undergraduates, least they could wash your cup. I'm betting you'll get shots in the butt and good antibiotics. You can also sat in a steamy shower for thrity minutes to loose the phlegm and you can beat on your lungs gently with a cupped hand and have Mr. Delagar do your back. This loosens the phelgm and makes it easier to cough up. Also, drink lots of water, it, too, will make the phlegm thin and easy to cough up. Let me see, steamy shower, beating on your back, sides and front chest with cupped hands, drinking lots of water, hmmmm I think that covers it. Oh, vicks vaporub, might make you feel really good too. I like that on my chest when I'm sick. Okay then.

Mouse said...

okay, do I need to add washing your cup everyday to my list of morning rituals? huh?! Cuz this is possible.

Mouse said...
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zelda1 said...

Yes, please wash out her cup, I think that is why she isn't getting well. It's the germs they hide underneath all that black stain that she thinks makes her coffee taste better, and the spoon too. Yes, please do that.