Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Coolest Assignment Ever

And maybe the coolest class ever.

green gabbro speaks:

I'm in one of those seminars whose focus has little, if anything, to do with the course title: Advanced Stratigraphy and Tectonics. It's actually about chance events that change everything, sometimes by going smashy-smashy (which I like), and finding other good excuses to put paleontologists and geophysicists in the same room, and what happens if you dry up the Mediterranean, and so on. This week's assignment is to think about, and make a list of, the greatest events in history.

(My bold.)

I so have class envy now.

Not only do I want to be taking that class, I want to be able to make that assignment, in, you know, whatever class. I swear I sat here for twenty minutes, trying to figure out how to justify making that assignment in everyone of my classes. Like, how could I justify making that assignment in Chaucer. Um, well, it's the sort of thing Chaucer would have...uh...written a poem about...if he had thought of it? (Which, you know, he WOULD have.) Or: how can I justify making the assignment in Mythology class? Um...what MYTHIC effect would these events, shit, that won't fly...History of the English Language? Non-starter....

It was hopeless, unfortunately. So I'm just going to have to follow green gabbro's seminar, from way over here. Rats.


Mouse said...

can't we just do it anyway?! I would participate; I would do my work, promise!

yami mcmoots said...

You could probably justify it in Mythology - I think it more or less follows from the word "greatest" in the question that we will choose events which have significant mythic aspects to them. Myths about geologic catastrophes are trendy right now, too.