Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best Post

I don't know if you read this one when it was posted, back when the story first broke. It's been nominated for the Koufax Award for best post, and for my money the story didn't get half enough play.

Go read it and send it around again, will you?


zelda1 said...

The United STates has always liked to burn or melt or vanish her enemey. What we did in Japan, hello, those people were vanished, some were burned, others were melted down to nothing. They were not soldiers, they were civilians, women, children, babies, old men, babies. Oh my god. Look at the Vietnam war how man forrest did they burn with napalm or whatever that stuff is, and what about the villagers who lived in those forrests. My friend, who served a long time in the battle zones, said that when the forrest was burned, and not with the chemicals, but burned, you smelled flesh burning and sometimes, you found civilians alive who were burned beyond recognition. I mean, this is not new. The powers that be, in this country, say, does as I say not as I do. They hold their war tactics above the morals of the rules of war. WE are the new Hitler machine. Think about it. The only thing we don't have are furnaces and concentrations camps, but give us time. So, Bush needs a Hitler mustache, and his follwers need to learn to march with the legs stiffened out, and their arms raised, and well, you know. When is his term over?

Mouse said...

about another three years I believe... doesn't matter though, by the time he is out of office, the rest of the world will be burning our babies, raping our women, and dragging our men along by their whatevers... all because we have no fear of war, we jump on it like it fucking free tshirt, all because other human lives mean nothing to us- only worry about us, that the mind set.