Monday, February 27, 2006

Reading Against the Grain

Right, so I'm wholly behind the curve here, but mr. delagar and I got Battlestar G: Season One on DVD this weekend and started watching it Saturday night, having heard that it was something interesting.

It is, in fact.

We've only watched the first bit, the miniseries that opens the series, but I'm already intrigued. And already thinking about papers. Of course since the thing's been running for a year, probably they've already been written -- I need to start looking around.

And I can't help siding with the Cylons here, btw. I know I'm supposed to be on the side of poor humanity, attacked without warning by those vicious Cylons, nuked to the edge of extinction (it's the end of the world) and I get the 9/11 parallels, okay, not to mention, jeez, wha evil folk those Cylons must be, killing cute babies like that, but still: why should I side with the humans? Who -- did I get this wrong? -- did, in fact, enslave and oppress the Cylons, and who continue to insist, throughout this opening episode, at least, that the Cylons, who look to me, at least, like human beings -- they feel, they think, they suffer, they fear, they bleed -- are not human, have no rights, deserve to be killed, on sight, like bugs, with no mercy -- um, tell me again, why these are the good guys?

Oh, right. Because the Cylons are led by beautiful, independent women who like to have sex and kill babies. Right! I missed that point the first time around. They're liberals! Right! Sorry! My mistake!

Though I don't know how the Cylons being hyper-religious fits into all of this...the humans are religious too, of course, all of them, so it's not like religion is being cast as a bad thing. The only one to speak ill of religion is, of course, the scientist, who betrays humanity by boffing the Cylon.

More posts as things develop.


Mouse said...

you know, you very well may have forced me into looking into what's happening on this show. you have ignited a tiny flame of curiosity, so whens this stuff come on, where exactly can it be found?

delagar said...

Friday nights, SF channel, 9:00, which is why I ain't watch it either, who has that channel? Had to buy the box. You can also rent them from Netflix, one at a pop, but I'm too impatient for that.

zelda1 said...

Not all invaders are really what they seem and not all invasions are for what they seem. That's life. I think of Planet of the Apes and remember how those apes locked the humans up and, to me, it became a metaphor for how we treat, not just apes, but anyone who is different. So, were the apes bad, no, they were only doing what they could to prevent history from coming back and putting them back in the cages. Do unto others before they do it to you. Maybe. I am going to have to check this out too. I do get that channel and will check it out this Friday.