Thursday, February 09, 2006

Being a Disease

I have to tell you, this pneumonia is some interesting shit. The doctor gave me some of the good cough syrup, as I told you, but I don't even need it. Having the disease is like being tanked on morphine all on its own.

I'm so ill I just lie in bed staring at the window -- and it isn't that interesting of a view, either, mind you, just a bit of a maple tree, and now and then a squirrel will leap past, or sometimes one of the jets from the nearby air base shoots across the sky -- and I lie there watching the window and the next thing I know it's seven hours later.

That's how my days go, except for the bits where I hallucinate from the fever. Those are exciting. This really good hallucination on Tuesday, I think it was, though it might have been Wednesday, because of the whole shut my eyes and it's ten hours later part, involved the jets -- the jet flew past and I blinked and the jet turned into an X-Wing flyer and I'm like cool, so I blinked again and it was the Wright brothers' plane, and I blinked again and it was a pterodactyl and I did that for maybe fifteen seconds and then I fell asleep and it was five hours later.

You use up a week fast this way, may I add.


zelda1 said...

As you know, I get pneumonia about two or three times a year. It's the fever and the almost dehydration that makes the sleep and awake hours rush together. It's really good for you to cough and not lie too long in one spot. The more you move, the more you cough, the more junk comes up, the less likely you will drown in your own secretions. so, I know you like watching the jets and the tree, but get your butt out of that bed and sit in the chair, then at the pc, then back to bed for an hour or two and back up. Don't stay in one place too long. That's why when you are in the hospital with pneumonia, a really good nurse will make you get up and sit in a chair for your meals and while she slowly makes your bed, and then just when you get nice and comfy again, she will make you get up and do your breathing treatments. Yep, it's all about movement. When I had it the last time, I went to bed one day and woke up two days later with Mr. Zelda saying get up you're going to the hospital, I was having my dream where I can walk off a cliff and fly and then I see naked men and then I'm naked and then I'm on a beach, then there's Mr. zelda, get up, you are going to the hospital, you sound like you're dying. Yep, such is life.

delagar said...

I was wondering about that -- if staying in bed might be making me sicker. Okay.