Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Conversation in the delagar household

(Scene: at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, reading, afternoon, after school, before picking up the kid)

me: I had one of those being oppressed by the patriarchy dreams last night.

mr. delagar: what sort of dreams?

me: you know. You're in a compound sort of thing. Deep woods, no refrigerators, bearded patriarchs oppressing you? Probably has something to do with the Alito confirmation.

mr. delagar: (blank stare)

me: maybe you don't get those dreams.

mr. delagar: I had a wild sex dream. You were in it.

me: so. You had a better night, then.

1 comment:

zelda1 said...

At least he is honest. Wild sex dream. Mr. Zelda says he has one of "those" dreams and he stresses those. I say please, I'm trying to think.