Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've been leaving our buddy over there at Christian Conservative alone for the same reason I've been staying away from Dennis Prager over at Townhall -- you don't put a stumbling block in front of a blind man, you don't mock morons, you don't shoot fish in barrels, there just isn't any sport in it, folks.

But heavens. I can't resist this one.

Michael's found some academic somewhere who says he doesn't support the troops.

Michael is all triumphant, parading around saying ho-ho, I told you so, academics really ARE traitors! Only Good Christian Conservatives Love Their Country!

He finishes with the fine sentence:

This is how these academic yahoo's think.

Which if he hadn't I think I could have just shrugged and moved on, because you know, I've seen that stupid dance before.

I know these Christian Conservatives don't know anything about actual universities -- mainly because they haven't been to one since they were nineteen and weren't actually paying attention then -- so their ideas about universities, well, they're like all their other ideas, aren't they? Based on nothing but faith -- which is to say, based on nothing.

But that last sentence. Hee.

It's so cute.


And then in the comments, one of his commentors brings up the dearly held belief that those on the "Left" are "persecuting" those on the "Right," by refusing to let them teaching in the universities.

Yep. We're keeping all these high-paying teaching posts, all these positions of huge influence, for ourselves, forcing Christian Conservatives to work in the real world. Heartless of us, isn't it?

Le and Michael and all the rest, they could come teach in the universities. They'd just, oh, need to be able to do a few little things first. Like be able to spell. And reason. And think critically. And pass a few exams. And write a dissertation. It only takes seven or eight years. I'm sure they'd be up to it. So why don't they do it?

Then they could come teach in the universities too. And influence the lives of dozens of students at a time. For forty thousand dollars a year.

So what are they waiting for, that conservative crowd? Come on in. The water's fine.

(And by the way, Mike? My students are those troops. So fuck you.)


Anonymous said...

I defy anyone, anywhere to explain to me what "support the troops" even means. If I don't want American soldiers or Iraqis to die (I don't), does that mean I support the troops? If I am against the troops being in Iraq (I am), does that mean I do not support the troops?

Of those who loudly insist they "support the troops," are they pressuring their Congresspeople to do something about Bush's screwing veterans out of their benefits? His refusal to provide body armor and appropriate vehicles protection to our soldiers? The godawful incompetence of veterans' hospital staffs? The constant rape and sexual assault of American female soldiers by American male soldiers?

Are they writing letters to the editor about these things? Petitioning the White House?

I don't think so. I think they are slapping bumper stickers and flags on their cars and stealing Casey Sheehan's boots.

zelda1 said...

You see, the way I see it is that supporting the troops is wanting to get them out of harms way, that's what supporting the troops, not keeping them over there where they are apt to get bombed or shot at or any other horrible thing.

delagar said...

My favorite bumper sticker?

Support the Troops: Bring Them Home.

zelda1 said...

During the vietnam war, it wasn't that the young people were opposing the troops, like so many of the right wingnuts want people to believe, we wanted to get them out of there, just like now, get the troops home. That's the ultimate support.