Monday, January 23, 2006

Seeing Brokeback

I have a fever of 102, so this will be brief --

We drove up the mountain yesterday, in the rain and cold, fifty miles to see Brokeback Mountain. I had a fever of over 100 even then, but I didn't tell mr. delagar because I reckoned he would use it as an excuse to stay home -- the rain is usually enough for him to refuse to drive anywhere.

Anyway, everyone knows this already, since I'm likely the last person on the planet to see it, but what a fine movie. Heath Ledger is just brilliant. And the mountains. And the rocks. What great rocks in this movie. (All right, leave me alone, the landscape is a character in this movie, it's not just that I'm obsessed with geology.) And a stellar supporting cast. Great script, too.

Such a bleak ending. But what other ending was there?

The theater was packed, btw, even at 1.25 on a Sunday afternoon.

And I see why audiences are laughing at the scene when the wife sees the two cowboys kissing -- it's not hee hee laughter, it's oh-my-god laughter.


jo(e) said...

You aren't the last person on the planet -- I haven't seen it yet.

Mouse said...

Aren't you impressed that they laughed and didn't cuss, spit,and call names? Anywho, that was a great movie. I liked that not so perfect ending because its just so true, nothing is perfect in the end. I think I'll buy the movie when it comes out on DVD.

Elyce Rae Helford said...

Enjoyed the post. I noted the laughing too (see my blog post on it if you wish), and I was torn about whether it was embarrassment, awkward arousal, alignment with gay men over women, or some other more intricate response...

I agree about the landscape. It IS a character in the film, or, as I read it, it is a reflection of what these two men represent: the beauty of freedom to be who you are.

zelda1 said...

This movie was a modern day Romeo and Juliet, or so I think. I loved the romance and their sneaking away for time together. I also loved the tension. It was just a perfect movie.