Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back in the saddle

I am back at work despite still being whacked from this flu or whatever it is. mr. delagar said I was insane and threatened to hide my car keys again. He's always threatening to hide my car keys. He knows he better never though. (Picture the raging feminist WITH flu and migraine...)

Yes, I have a migraine, on top of the flu, or whatever it is. Some disease that makes every single bone in my body ache --not the whole bone, just the ends of the bones -- and made my throat swell nearly shut, and gave me a raging fever with very pretty fever dreams, I must say, and made me unable to eat for the past three days. I did eat soup on Sunday, but it didn't stay down. And last night I had an egg cream. mr. delagar made it for me. He was lying in bed watching me mutter about how hungry and how sick I was, naming things I might eat -- "Buttered toast?" "Popcorn?" "Tomato soup?" "We have that real Coke, I could put it on ice for you?" -- at each of which I gagging and grimaced and made appalled noises, but when he got to egg cream, ah, egg cream, food of the gods, and we actually had the fixings, real Fox's U-Bet syrup and some seltzer and milk from Marshall's dairy....

Anyway, I had an egg cream last night and all went well.

So I guess I'm getting better.

Except for the migraine, which hit yesterday afternoon. I see from this blog that it's been about ten days since my last migraine started -- that one lasted five days -- so if they hit every ten days and last five days each, well, as you can see, that makes MY LIFE A LIVING HELL.

Just to speak plainly.

I need to get a new neurologist.


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