Monday, January 09, 2006

No Shock, But...

Over in Utah, the Mormon owner of a theater complex has yanked Brokeback Mountain from the line up days before it opened. Too damaging to the morality of his audience, you know.

(Via DED Space:

How much you want to bet he had no problem, and will have no problem, showing films like Jason X and Quentin Tarantino's latest bit of violence porn, (reviewed here )
and all the rest of those countless movies that celebrate violence -- but a movie about human emotion? About love?

Shit, dude. That's obscene.

(Little classical pun there. Ain't help myself.)


zelda1 said...

It reeks, yep it does. Smells less than roses. I fear the movie will not make it too far around these parts either, which is fucked up. Any time someone tries to tell me what not to watch, well, my human nature gets the best of me, and I watch it, just to see for myself, and believe me, that little man isn't going to stop the folks from watching what they want to watch, he just might inconveiance them for a bit.

Anonymous said...

If Tarantino had directed Hostel, I would be slightly tempted to see it, but he didn't, and it sounds like something I would be incapable of watching. But I enjoy his other films, and especially the Kill Bill movies.

Violence, as you say, is totally acceptable in film, for whatever reason, and the odd thing is that it is apparently accepted by many of the same people who are screaming about violence in video games. I think this is because they got tired of trying to fight Hollywood, so they took up a new cause.

Many years ago, I met a man who was involved, I forget how, with promoting Charles Bronson. He made a big deal about saying that Bronson didn't allow his kids to watch the movies that had sex in them. "How about the violence?" I asked him, and he looked at me as though I had asked him to remove his head.

Anonymous said...

My husband got the DVD of The 40-year-old Virgin for Christmas. My fundy brother asked what it was rated, because it might not be appropriate for his daughter...his 18-year-old daughter. Then he waxed poetic about how he and his wife were very careful that their kids didn't see any R-rated movies, unless [the rating] was "just for violence". I truly did not know what to say. I think I managed a "hmmm".

Several other family members also expressed disgust with Hollywood, but the disgust only centers around sex, not violence. Blow up all the people you want, show the gore, but please, no nipples! (Apparently heaving bosoms and suggestive clothing is OK.)

Did I mention that I couldn't wait to get home?