Friday, January 06, 2006

Lance Mannion

A blogger after my own heart.

He says this:

"Drivers of Hummers, I think we can all agree, have no souls."

Which reminds me of a conversation that happened in New Orleans over the holidays --

The kid: "I told Uncle Mike that you hated SUVs. He said that's because you're a GD communist."

Me: (being tanked on Xanax, which is the only way I can actually take my family, and so very calm and idle about this whole conversation): "GD socialist."

The kid: "What?"

Me: "Tell Uncle Mike I'm a GD Socialist and he should GD get it right the next fucking time. Okay?"

The kid: "Okay."

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zelda1 said...

That is my family, they all drive huge trucks with giant sounding engines, or huge suvs. They sit around and discuss their cars and trucks and how much they cost and how little miles to the gallon and my nephew says to me, "What rig do you drive?" I say, "well, it's a focus, which is really a pinto with carpet." He says, "Really, what rig do you drive?" I say, "Really, I drive a pinto." My brother-in-law says, "She's right, she's one of them tree huggers. Gives up comfort for the environment." They all laugh. I say, "Well, at least, when you guys are paying a hundred bucks to fill up your tank, which, by the way, will only get you about 30 miles, I am filling up on 20 bucks and go for weeks." And, I was drugged up on Xanax too and Lorecet, and Trilepital. Still they got to me.