Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reading the Texts

Though I always sort of like it when people move to ban books, since that means they are at least taking literature seriously*, I agree with DED Space 110% here:

Blaes thinks the fate of Lolita in Marion County should be decided by the community, however, because "...that's the American way of dealing with controversial books."

No, Terry. The supposed American way--the way set forth in our Constitution--is to let individuals read what they want.


*Yes, this is sarcasm. I don't actually think such folk are taking literature seriously. Wouldn't it be lovely if they did?

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zelda1 said...

To take literature seriously would mean first that you would have to read it and read it well, and second it would mean that you would have to spend the time thinking about the book. Not going to happen, or at least from the rednecks in these parts. These are usually the same people who spout the Bible and have no idea what they are spouting. There's a saying that my family uses in when there is an unexpected death, ignorance is bliss. I don't see how that can be so, unless they mean what you don't know can't depress you, because it sure can hurt you. That is what the book banners hope for, that ignorance is bliss attitude. As if a book could actually hurt someone. Come on folks, it's language.