Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It's the last week of teh semester and I'm worn out.

Things that are happening:

(1) mr. delagar has passed his comps and had his dissertation abstract accepted, so he is officially ABD -- yay, I reckon, except this means, you know, that he is going to write that dissertation. Then we'll have to decide about what to do next. He gets a job and I follow him, as I have always said I will? Give up my job to be a trailing spouse? Yikes. Or -- what better option?

(2) My writing class is wrapping up. It came together, toward the end, and actually worked. Also, our provost has decided we should have a creative writing minor here, which, with the help of several others in the department, we have built, over the past few weeks -- presenting it to the department in the faculty meeting this afternoon. I'm deeply pleased, on the one hand, since we've wanted a creative writing minor for about four years; OTOH, see (1) above.

(3) Time for P/T conferences at the kid's school. She's been moved to upper el this week, shadowing the kids up there, so she can learn what next year will be like, and is all excited about being a big kid (the divide between upper el and lower el is a big one at her school). Next week we go in to find out how she's been doing, but she keeps dropping little hints: apparently she's been doing fairly spectacularly.

(4) I'm writing, writing, writing. I wish I could stay home and write all day.

(5) I mowed the lawn for the first time this past weekend. Actual grass this year -- we had a drought for the past three years, so there wasn't any grass to speak off, but it has rained like crazy so far this year, and grass already a foot high. I almost enjoyed mowing real grass again. But -- pollen! I forgot how nasty pollen is.

(6) Plus! Wildflowers everywhere! I mowed around the ones in our yard, purple and pink sort I can't identify (I bet The Other Liberal Professor could) but that's not all -- all of Pork Smith is filled with wildflowers, red ones filling the field beyond our house, giant purple ones along the interstate, blues ones in the ditches, clover everywhere -- it's nice, a normal spring in Arkansas. And the trees! Redbud and dogwood and these yellow trees blooming everywhere -- what are those yellow blooming trees, TOLP? They're pretty too. Even if mr. delagar is wildly allergic to them.

(7) Papers! Exams! Committee meetings! No wonder I have no time to blog!


zelda1 said...

Congratulations to Mr. Delagar. Please, please, please don't move. Have him do the creative writing at that school there in the Fort. Why not?

newenglander said...

Better yet...why not move to northern Maine...
Both universities up there have small English departments and the University of Maine in Presque Isle even has a Creative Writing minor! Didn't you tell me that you miss the snow and hate to be hot?

Perfect solution for the both of you... Oh, and if little ms.delager wants to learn French? No problem! Everyone speaks French up there(and I mean everyone.)


tonkelu said...

KU! UMKC! William Jewell! Great public schools on the KS side. Acadamie Lafayette on the MO side (magnet). Relatively low cost of living (compared with the rest of the country), fabulous independently owned restaurants, an arts scene that's getting better every year and the Reading Reptile. The best damned kids' bookstore ever. The Kid would love it.

The Other Liberal Professor said...

You people need to ZIP IT! I'm working hard to thwart Mr. Delager at every turn. If he can't finish, then the question is moot! Next thing I know, you'll be talking about kosher grocery stores. ZIP IT!

The yellow trees. . . are you looking at the big forsythia bushes, or the service berry trees? The red flowers on the highway are clover, and the purple ones are a type of wild verbena, I think. The little white ones are wild onions and Queen Anne's Lace.

Moving is expensive. You people can't afford to move. So there! You are stuck here with me. :)

tonkelu said...

You could come, too, OLP.

There's one Kosher grocery store in KCMO and two in Overland Park. OP also has the seriously cool Jewish Community Center.

TOLP said...


delagar said...

KC is looking better by the minute...